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Van Eck: „Bitcoin has less volatility than many large stocks“

Van Eck no longer considers a well-known criticism of Bitcoin to be justified.

On Friday, the Van Eck asset management company published a new study that came to the conclusion that Bitcoin’s price movements are less volatile than a quarter to a third of all companies in the important S&P 500 stock index

In the corresponding blog entry , Van Eck first states that Bitcoin Circuit has long been viewed as a „volatile asset outside the stock and capital markets“, but this is now a thesis that no longer corresponds to reality, because the market-leading cryptocurrency has a volatility comparable to that some of the largest companies in the world.

A year-on-year comparison shows that 29% of the shares in the S&P 500 show more severe price fluctuations than the cryptocurrency, while this still applies to 22% of all companies in a comparison over 90 days, as Van Eck calculates.

The results of the study are all the more remarkable since Van Eck invests primarily in gold

The precious metal is actually considered a major competitor to Bitcoin, because the digital currency is competing for it as the market-leading store of value.

Bitcoin at PayPal hits all-time high – $ 40 million daily BTC trading volume

The Bitcoin integration at PayPal has generated incredible demand from private and institutional investors. But things are also hot at PayPal itself. The daily Bitcoin Pro review trading volume has reached around 40 million USD after a short time.

PayPal is driving Bitcoin trading volume up

According to itBit , Paxos‘ trading desk, the Bitcoin trading volume on PayPal has exploded. Paxos is the official partner of PayPal. The service provider also takes over the safekeeping and accordingly has an insight into the current figures.

Currently, the daily Bitcoin trading volume has exceeded the magical limit of 40 million USD. This clearly shows the increasing demand for Bitcoin via the PayPal platform. Before the announcement, the trading volume was around USD 2-4 million, according to itBit.

PayPal as a catalyst for BTC

According to its own information, PayPal currently has around 346 million users worldwide. The service is currently only available in the USA. The company is already planning to introduce it in other countries. Accordingly, the potential of PayPal is far from being exhausted.

In addition, it is currently only possible to trade Bitcoin and 3 other crypto currencies on the platform itself. There is no way to transfer or deposit cryptocurrencies to your own wallet. This feature should also be integrated in the future. However, PayPal does not yet provide further information on this.

January 2021 will also be interesting. Then customers should not only be able to trade with Bitcoin and Co., but also be able to pay at over 26 million merchants. One small step for PayPal and one big step for Bitcoin adoption.

A lot of room for improvement

It is therefore not surprising that the Bitcoin price has risen by more than 50% within a few weeks after the announcement. As of the official announcement, the BTC price was around $ 11,600.

Nevertheless, there were and are other factors that led to the sharp rise in the Bitcoin price. The interest of institutional investors in particular is one of the most important price drivers.

Bitcoin purchases on PayPal already exceed the daily BTC production volume. Even though the service is currently limited to the USA. Therefore, one can currently assume that demand will continue to increase as soon as the service is also available in Europe.

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IOTA Foundation: partnership and milestone in Japan with a futuristic project

The Germany-based IOTA Foundation has reached a milestone and becomes part of a major Japanese project. The project, supported by the Japanese government, will implement the world’s first predictive maintenance system for industrial factories based on artificial intelligence. Decentralized and secure data storage will be an important part of the project.

In this article we take a look at the role of the Crypto Genius in the context of the project and briefly address the basic problem.

IOTA Foundation for an innovative technology project

Our report is based on a current article on the news portal JapanToday . This shows that a project supported by the Japanese government is to be implemented in close cooperation with the IOTA Foundation.

The project is financially supported by the „Japanese Organization for New Energies and Industrial Technology“. It is a national research institute that reports directly to the Japanese Ministry of Economic Affairs and Trade.

The subject of the project is the development of a predictive maintenance system for industrial plants. The aim of this system is to improve and extend the „durability“ of critical industrial plants. The system is used in sectors such as energy, manufacturing and the chemical sector.

A somewhat simpler formulation for the purpose of the project is as follows:

With the project, Japan would like to digitize data on the condition of machines and their maintenance. This data is evaluated by algorithms based on artificial intelligence. This allows predictions to be made when such machines and systems need maintenance.

Decentralized data storage based on the Tangle

The current status quo is problematic, as the data just described for the maintenance of systems has been saved locally up to now. This creates challenges with the cross-location sharing of information and the associated resource planning.

This is exactly where the IOTA Foundation comes in with its distributed ledger, namely the Tangle. The Tangle is used as a decentralized database to store the data just described. Artificial intelligence should carry out the evaluation of this data in order to be able to schedule employees as efficiently as possible for maintenance.

The replication of the data to different nodes and the associated distributed storage are characteristic of DLT. This consequently also leads to increased robustness against cyber attacks.