Van Eck: „Bitcoin has less volatility than many large stocks“

Van Eck no longer considers a well-known criticism of Bitcoin to be justified.

On Friday, the Van Eck asset management company published a new study that came to the conclusion that Bitcoin’s price movements are less volatile than a quarter to a third of all companies in the important S&P 500 stock index

In the corresponding blog entry , Van Eck first states that Bitcoin Circuit has long been viewed as a „volatile asset outside the stock and capital markets“, but this is now a thesis that no longer corresponds to reality, because the market-leading cryptocurrency has a volatility comparable to that some of the largest companies in the world.

A year-on-year comparison shows that 29% of the shares in the S&P 500 show more severe price fluctuations than the cryptocurrency, while this still applies to 22% of all companies in a comparison over 90 days, as Van Eck calculates.

The results of the study are all the more remarkable since Van Eck invests primarily in gold

The precious metal is actually considered a major competitor to Bitcoin, because the digital currency is competing for it as the market-leading store of value.